Pregnancy Care

The Journey to Parenthood

Pregnancy is a time of learning and growth, and we are here to support you through your unique journey with individualised care.

James has been practicing as an Obstetrician at Hurstville Private Hospital since 1999 and has tremendous experience having delivered over 6000 babies. He is able to provide genuine highly skilled care for all your pregnancy needs, including for women with complicated pregnancy journeys.

His professional development ensures the most up to date care is always given.

If you have any questions or concerns during your pregnancy, we ask you to call the practice either on the practice phone number, (02)9570 5599, or on the Hotline. The Hotline is a priority line that enables you to speak with one of our team for prompt advice and is available from 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday. For urgent after hours advice, you will be given the phone number of the delivery suite of the hospital that you will be delivering at. The midwife in delivery suite will then contact James if required.

James limits the number of patients he sees each month to ensure that he has the time to provide each patient with optimal care. Throughout your pregnancy, James may do several ultrasounds. James will listen to your birthing preferences and provide evidence based advice to ensure optimal care of both you and your baby at the time of delivery, whether you have a vaginal delivery or caesarean section. A holistic approach is taken considering the needs of you and your family.

James shares a weekend roster to allow him to spend quality time with his family. He works every third or fourth weekend and when he is not available his colleagues Dr Greg Davis, Dr Emmanuel Karantanis and Dr Trent Miller provide cover. They practice obstetrics in a similar way and keep each other informed of your individual requirements. A thorough medical handover is given to the covering doctor to ensure continuity of care, and to inform the covering doctor of any special requests that you may have.

James delivers at Hurstville Private, St George Public and St George Private Hospitals. He is onsite at Hurstville Private every weekday and lives just a few kilometres from the hospital. This allows James to be able to respond quickly at any time to your delivery needs and provide the highest quality of care.

Hurstville Private, St George Public and St George Private Hospitals and their midwives have an excellent reputation in the community. You are supported with compassion and genuine care throughout your pregnancy, your delivery and the postnatal time in hospital – a time of learning especially for first time mums. Partners are welcome to stay at Hurstville Private too!

We look forward to sharing this precious experience with you.