After Pregnancy

Welcome to parenthood

Following delivery, James will see you whist you are still in hospital. You will be supported emotionally and physically with genuine holistic care.

Once you are discharged home, our midwives are available on the Hotline to provide support for you and your baby. Our Lactation Consultant Gina is available to assist you with breastfeeding or the transition to bottle feeding either over the phone or in person in the rooms up until your postnatal appointment with James when your baby is approximately six weeks old. Gina has tremendous passion to help women during this often challenging time and is only too happy to help.

At approximately six weeks post-partum, James will see you for a Postnatal Check. Your baby and partner are welcome to join you for this appointment. This consultation provides an excellent opportunity for you to discuss any concerns that you may have. Contraception is often discussed and advice may be given regarding returning to exercise and future family planning. A Midwife will also see you at this appointment to chat about your concerns and offer advice as needed.